Is it time for a new German kitchen?
new german kitchen

Is it time for a new German kitchen?

Due to COVID-19, we’ve spent more time than ever in our kitchen.

From working at the dining table to home baking with the kids, it’s become the hub of day-to-day life. And, for many people, lockdown has made them reassess the space and realise; what previously worked for them and their family, just doesn’t tick the right boxes anymore.

Sound familiar? If so, it may be time to invest in new units. Here we take a look at some of your main kitchen bugbears and how they could be resolved with a German kitchen by Störmer.





We all lead busy lifestyles and, unfortunately, home improvements can often be pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Perhaps you recently moved in and haven’t had a chance to put your stamp on the décor? Or maybe you’ve had the same units for many years? Either way, whilst at home, you may have noticed just how outdated and gloomy your kitchen design has become.

The good news is German kitchens are the epitome of style.

In fact, they are globally-renowned for their sleek and contemporary designs. All units are made-to-order and there are many options to choose from (e.g. ceramic, glass, wood). Therefore, whatever your personal tastes, you can create your dream kitchen and instantly modernise the space.

new german kitchen

2. Wear and tear

The kitchen is (by far!) the busiest room of the home. Even in normal circumstances, it’s the place where we cook, eat and catch up with family – and the pandemic has only added to its list of uses. As a result, maybe you’ve realised just how tired and worn out your units now look?

If this is the case, a German kitchen is a highly worthwhile investment.

Due to the meticulous way in which they’re manufactured, all units are of an exceptional quality. They’re designed to resist everyday wear and tear and have a guaranteed ‘operating life’ of 15 years. Which means, there’s no need to worry about spillages, the kid’s greasy fingers or scratches on the worktops. German kitchens are built for consistent and long-term use.

Example of German kitchen units by Stormer

3. Lack of storage

With everyone at home – all day, every day – it may have become apparent just how dysfunctional your kitchen layout really is. Perhaps it’s awkward to navigate whilst cooking a new recipe? Or maybe there just isn’t enough space to store your new baking equipment and utensils?

Again, a new German kitchen could be the solution.

Functionality is at their very core. All units are designed to make the most of the available space, with hundreds of interior storage options to choose from and clever solutions for your everyday appliances. Sometimes, a small tweak is all takes to make a big difference. And our experts – here at Störmer Kitchens – can help to re-design the space so that it works for you and your lifestyle.

Start your German kitchen design today

If your kitchen isn’t working for you, and you wish to breathe new life into the heart of your home, why not get in touch? Working in partnership with Störmer – one of the most reputable kitchen brands across the globe – we can design, create and install the ideal German kitchen for you.

To find out more about German kitchens and their benefits, be sure to check out our recent blog ‘Why are German kitchens so popular?’. And remember, if you have any questions, you’re welcome to get in touch at any time. Simply give us a call on 01625 584834 or send an email to and take the first step towards your dream kitchen units today.


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