German Kitchens in the UK

We are a leading UK supplier of German Störmer Kitchens.

Störmer is one of the most reputable kitchen manufacturers in the world, and we’re incredibly proud to supply and fit their German kitchens in homes up and down the country.

Since our establishment, we have worked with countless home-owners and housing development managers – creating and installing the perfect German kitchen units for their properties. And whatever your specific requirements or preferences, we can do the same thing for you.

So why not browse the collection? And take the first step towards your dream kitchen.

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German kitchen designs to suit all tastes

Our goal is to help you create your perfect German kitchen. With this in mind, we have a wide range of options and an assortment of German kitchen designs for you to choose from. These include:

Ceramic German Kitchens

Ceramic kitchens have become an increasingly popular option in recent years. They offer the perfect balance between style and durability. Available in a variety of colours, they create an ultra-modern and unique look, with the ceramic also offering effective heat, scratch and stain resistance.

Glass German Kitchens

Perfect for anyone who wishes to add an element of sophistication to their kitchen. Glass German kitchens are sleek, contemporary and incredibly eye-catching. They can be installed in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and are guaranteed to stand the test of time – even in busy households.

High Gloss German Kitchens

German kitchen units with a high-gloss finish are ideal for smaller properties. Their shiny surface causes light to reflect off the countertops and cabinets, making the space look bigger and brighter. What’s more, they’re very easy to keep clean and are both water and stain-resistant.

Matte German Kitchens

For anyone with a large, expansive property, a matte kitchen is a stylish yet practical option. The most popular shades include grey and black. But there are many colours to choose from, allowing you to create an individual, contemporary look. They’re also very low maintenance.

Wood German Kitchens

If you prefer to keep things classic, we also have a range of wooden German kitchen units. You can choose from either real wood veneers or a durable textured laminate, in various colours and finishes, and combine them with ceramic or glass units to create a truly unique design.

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A full turnkey approach to German kitchens

As a leading German kitchens supplier, providing excellent customer service is paramount to us. That’s why we take a full turnkey and bespoke approach.

From the initial design and planning stages to the final installation and handover, we will work with you every step of the way – creating a German kitchen that is perfect for you and your budget. Our team of designers and tradesmen are incredibly skilled and experienced at what they do. They will make sure every tiny detail is perfect and transform your dream kitchen into a reality.

Take the first step towards your dream kitchen

German kitchens are the ideal choice for anyone wishing to combine day-to-day functionality and high-end style. To find out more about how we can help  – and start designing your perfect units – get in touch today. You can either give us a call 01625 584834 or fill out our ‘request a call’  enquiry form and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible with further information.

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German kitchen FAQs

Why are German kitchens popular?

German kitchens are world-renowned for their high-quality and durability. They’re designed to withstand much greater weights than a standard kitchen and are guaranteed to last. What’s more, as they are manufactured and assembled at the same time, each unit can be thoroughly checked before it leaves the warehouse – to ensure it meets the brand’s exceptionally high standards.

Functionality is at the heart of every German kitchen design. But that doesn’t mean they compromise on style. In fact, there is a diverse range of options choose from, with something to suit all tastes. And the best bit? Because they’re made bespoke to order (rather than bought off-the-shelf) you get much more control over the final look and can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Which is the best german kitchen brand?

Any kitchen stamped with the ‘Made in Germany’ hallmark is guaranteed to be stylish, functional and of excellent quality. However, Störmer is one of the very best on the market.

A globally-renowned and well-loved brand, established in 1958; they have a long history in the German kitchen industry. Yet, they always find a way to continuously adapt and improve their products to meet the changing needs of our lifestyle. By using a combination of traditional and cutting-edge production techniques, they produce beautiful (yet functional) kitchens – that are guaranteed to last a long time.

Störmer kitchens have a unique grid system. Which means, no matter the size or shape of your space, it’s possible to create a stylish German kitchen that is perfect for your needs. They also offer a huge variety of styles, colours and finishes, with something to suit all tastes and preferences.

What’s more, over the last few years, they have become increasingly ‘environmentally conscious’. Störmer have worked hard to avoid waste and reduce energy consumption. And as a result, you can enjoy all the benefits of an exquisite German kitchen, without having an impact on the environment.

Why choose us for German kitchens?

All of our German kitchens are by Störmer. Therefore, not only are they superb quality, they also come in a wide range of styles (i.e. ceramic, glass, matte etc.). There’s something to suit all tastes. And thanks to our bespoke approach, you can work closely with our in-house designer – specifying exactly how you would like the units to look and creating the ideal kitchen for your property.

From this first design phase through to the professional installation, we can take care of everything on your behalf. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a first-class service. We want to create the best German kitchen for you (at the best price) and ensure you are 100% happy with the end result.

How long does it take to get a new German kitchen?

All of our German kitchens are made-to-order. We don’t have a stockpile of products waiting to be sold. But rather, we design and make each unit from scratch – to meet your exact specification.

As a result, our production and installation times can vary. It depends on the style and finishes chosen, the time of year, and our current availability. But rest assured, we always endeavour to get your new German kitchen up-and-running as quickly as possible, and will keep you updated every step of the way.

In fact, following the site survey, we provide a full project plan – with timescales for each stage of the project. That way you know exactly what will happen and when.

How much do German kitchens cost?

The exact cost of a German kitchen varies depending on many factors, including the style and finishes chosen, the size and shape of the units, and any accessories or appliances added.

But rest assured – here at Störmer by Kuechen Cheshire – our prices are very competitive and we can cater to most budgets. To get a better idea of how much your dream kitchen will cost, the best option is to get in touch. Tell us exactly what you would like (e.g. door and worktop style, appliances etc.) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a personalised quote.

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